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Fyregard Enterprises is a leading fire fighting company in Goa. The organization, which is based in Goa, was founded on the principles of quality management and revolves around a modern methodology that was previously unheard of in this field.


Founded by Mr. Shailesh Muzumdar, the company is equipped to handle full projects, from concept design to erection, commissioning, and testing of all Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Kitchen Suppression Systems & Tube Suppression Systems for electrical control panels. The organization also engages in the regular maintenance of the systems.


With all this in mind, Fyregard Enterprises was launched and has provided quality conscious, well designed and executed solutions to all its clients. 

Corporate Vision

Since 1993, we have been the market leaders in fire fighting in Goa, and we want to keep that position by supplying high-quality products at a fair price, thus creating value for customers. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Corporate Mission

We strive to provide the latest Fire Safety Equipment, customized to the various needs of our clients and reduce fire hazards by mitigating it's risks.

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